Quickly catch up on today’s business news

Here’s what you might have missed Thursday on CNN Business:

Banned in the USA: This morning, the US banned Huawei from selling telecom gear to the US. That means resolving the ongoing trade war between China and the US just got harder. Much harder.

Warren Buffett’s big reveal: We knew that the legendary investor bought a chunk of Amazon, and now we know the details: His stake is worth more than $900 million. That huge sum is still less than a 1% stake in the company.

Something’s got to change: Boeing faces a crisis of confidence that threatens its century-old reputation for safety. CNN Business’ Matt Egan looks at how the company can fix that.

An about face on prices: Walmart is known for its low, low prices, but today America’s largest retailer said it will hike the cost of some items in response to the Trump administration’s tariffs on Chinese goods.

Fred’s cuts back even more: Back in April, Memphis-based discount chain Fred’s announced it was closing 159 stores. Now, it’s closing another 104 stores throughout the Southeast US.

Changing the battery: Tesla is upgrading the battery systems on its Model S and Model X vehicles ‘out of an abundance of caution’ after two cars unexpectedly burst into flames.

Taco Bell’s latest gimmick: Taco Bell is opening a pop-up hotel called The Bell in Palm Springs in August. The highly Instagrammable stunt aims to grab attention in a crowded market.