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Many turned to libraries during the pandemic for free Wifi and other services. Will these venerable public institutions get the credit they deserve?

Ramses Escobedo probably wouldn’t call himself a hero. But during the pandemic, he was asked to act in some heroic ways. Escobedo, a bilingual Spanish-English librarian, manages a branch of the San Francisco Public Library. For more than a year, however, Escobedo hasn’t been lending out books. Instead, he’s worked with a Covid-19 contact tracer…MORE

Inmates at Oklahoma prisons begin receiving computer tablets

Inmates in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) began receiving tablets this week as part of a plan to supply all state prisoners with secure tablet computers. More than 21,000 inmates at over 20 facilities will receive tablets that will give them access to books, college classes, music and even a way to communicate with…MORE

‘It’s a moving chess board’: Covid reopening creates new anxieties

Deirdre Lawson was living her best life before the pandemic — if she wasn’t traveling, she was going to concerts, movies or doing other activities with friends — often at the spur of the moment. “Then 2020 hit and the universe says, ‘Hey, I got something for you,’” she told CNN. Like millions of Americans,…MORE

Airplane discovered at the bottom of a California lake could be from 1965 crash

Airplane discovered at the bottom of a California lake could be from 1965 crash

Workers testing underwater surveying equipment say they found the wreckage of a small airplane deep underwater in California’s Folsom Lake -— and they may have solved a 56-year-old aviation mystery. Sonar images show the outline of the plane, covered in a thick layer of silt, about 160 feet below the lake’s surface, Seafloor Systems environmental…MORE